How It's Made Coming To Waterford

Aug 25, 2008 | Posted in What's New

Have you ever wondered how the products you use every day are made? How It's Made leads you through the process of how everyday products, such as apple juice, skateboards, engines, contact lenses, and many more are manufactured. The show originated in Canada and is growing in popularity all over the globe. How It’s Made is seen world-wide in over 180 countries, reaching an international audience of over 100 million viewers per week. Not to be confused with other similar shows, How It’s Made airs on Discovery and the Science Channel. The show is a documentary-style program. The segments are filmed to simplify overdubbing in different languages (for example largely avoiding showing a narrator or host onscreen, and most often also not having employees of featured companies speak on camera). An off-screen narrator explains each process. Each half hour show usually has three or four main segments, with each product getting a demonstration of about 5 minutes. Since the program started in 1999, all programs have been continuously rebroadcast. The first 4 seasons are available on DVD and are utilized in schools as educational tools.

How It’s Made is interested in filming our Tortilla, Popcorn, and Cheese Puff processes (they have already run segments on potato chip and pretzel making) and should be in Waterford to film before the end of the year.

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