1954 Dan-Dee Baseball Card Set!

Aug 07, 2007 | Posted in What's New

Complete 1954 Dee-Dee Baseball Card Set

(Exerpt from In 1954, the Dan Dee company decided to issue baseball cards by including one card in packages of their potato chips. The set included some of the great stars in the game such as Mickey Mantle and Duke Snider. These large cards, measuring approximately 2-1/2" by 3-5/8", have a very attractive design. Each card offers a wonderful photo on the front with light, off-white colored borders used to frame the great shots.

1954 Mickey Mantle
The Dan Dees will always be in demand by collectors. In addition to the difficulty in finding these cards in top grades, there is one major reason: Mickey Mantle. Mantle was not featured in the 1954 Topps set, which is the most popular set for that year, so collectors have to look elsewhere to satisfy their Mantle needs. Bowman produced a Mantle card, but the set--as a whole--wasn't spectacular.

Red Heart Dog Food produced a very eye-appealing Mantle card, but not quite as appealing as the Dan Dee. In addition, the Dan Dee is far more scarce, which makes it extremely desirable. That leaves the Dan Dee as the most desirable Mantle card for 1954 and the entire set receives a boost from Mantle's popularity.

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