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Oct 04, 2006 | Posted in What's New

Darrel Troyer

Darrel Troyer

Darrel started his career at Troyer Farms in March of 1968 at the age of 22. He had written a letter to Clifford Troyer asking Cliff and Cletus to give him an opportunity to come to work for them. Cliff said that his organization, drive and direction was very evident at that early age!

When Darrel started work at Troyer Farms, the company had only 5 routes. He began as a route salesman and soon they had nine. He was promoted to Sales Manager when he was 24 and the rest is “History” as they say!

He continued to grow and expand the business until Troyer Farms covered 4 states and over 200 routes! Darrel has a great personality and is well-liked by all. He built this reputation by being honest and never making promises he couldn’t keep.

Darrel gained the respect of all the leaders in the Snack Food business. He is held in high regard by many in the industry.

Darrel retired in March of 2006 after 38 very successful and rewarding years. He will be missed by all and we wish him a very happy and fulfilling retirement.

Darrel is married to Pat, whom he married in 1968. They have three children; Amie, Kimberly and Ryan; and five grandchildren. Amie is married to John Honey. They have 2 children, Austin and Kendra Honey. Kim is married to Mike Lenart and they have three children; Carly, Zackary, and Abigail Lenart.

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