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Seyfert History


In 1933, Charles Seyfert left his home in PA and drove his pretzel truck to Chicago for the World's Fair. On his way back home, he passed through Fort Wayne, Indiana, liked what he saw of the northeastern Indiana town and stopped there to begin a pretzel-making business. Although pretzels were Seyfert's dream, Fort Wayne wasn't ready for pretzels at that time and the businessman went broke. After a trip back home to PA to gather equipment, Seyfert returned to Fort Wayne and started a potato chip operation. This time, the snack food entrepreneur was successful.

Seyfert opened its doors August 20, 1934, the operation was much different than today's. Charles Seyfert did everything himself – from peeling potatoes to making chips to delivering the finished product. Today, miles and miles of conveyor belts carry the raw ingredients, cooked snacks and bags of goodies from one area of the plant to another.

In 1982, Borden Inc. acquired Seyfert. In October, 1994, Heath acquisition Corporation acquired the Seyfert Foods division from Borden Inc.. In 2001, Troyer Potato Products acquired Seyfert Foods.

The Troyer organization acquired Seyfert Foods in March 2001 but the relationship between the two companies goes back to the 1960s. At that time, Troyer supplied Seyfert's with potatoes. At the time of the acquisition, Troyer sold its products in Pennsylvania, eastern and central Ohio, western New York, and parts of West Virginia and Indiana. "It was a logical move by Troyer, and we're now fortunate to have product lines that have broad appeal in a number of nearby states," added Clifford Troyer.

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